I want a meal plan

What’s a meal plan?

Indulge in amazing, nutritious, and delicious cuisine prepared by professional chefs using only the finest and freshest ingredients daily.

With Clever Cuisine meal plans, enjoy flexibility across our two campuses, enabling you to eat wherever university life takes you, freeing up more time to study and pursue your passions at university.

Why Choose a meal plan

Nutritious and delicious food, with the freshest and finest ingredients from our very own farm and sustainable sources

Exceptional value for money for the quality and variety that we offer

Cooking similar meals or dining outside of the Clever Cuisine meal plan significantly increases expenses

Our Platinum plan averages £12.27 per day, equating to £4.09 per meal. By comparison, a Greggs hot lunchtime meal deal costs £4.95

Enjoy buffet-style dining with unlimited breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus free hot drinks

Gain access to an exclusive community and events and across campus such as Edible Cinema, Beats ’n’ Eats, Speed Dining and many more

Our Plans


3 Meals a day

21 Swipes a week

£99 per week

By far the most popular plan, used by around 70% of our students. In addition to all of the gold plan benefits, this plan includes 3 meals per day (21 meal swipes per week) accompanied by a hot drink with each meal. This plan is inclusive of rooms rented in Dunsden Crescent, Wantage, and Windsor Halls


2 Meals a day

14 Swipes a week

£75.46 per week

Popular with self-catered students, this plan is designed to cover 2 main meals of your choice per day. It consists of 14 meal swipes per week, accompanied by a hot drink with each meal


1 Meal a day

7 Swipes a week

£40.32 per week

This plan gives you 7 meal swipes per week to cover your main meal each day, accompanied by a hot drink


3 Swipes a week

£19.32 per week

This plan gives you 3 meal swipes per week, accompanied by a hot drink. The plan operates as rolling credit, meaning your swipes can roll over each week, all the way up until the end of term

So what are you waiting for? Nutritious and delicious food is only a swipe away

How does it work?

  1. Select the plan that fits your lifestyle. Meal swipes are loaded onto your campus card for easy access.
  2. Depending on your plan, you’ll have a set number of meal swipes per day or week, which can be exchanged for entry or a specific meal, depending on the location.
  3. Simply swipe your campus card to use your meal swipes.
    Don’t forget to bring a reusable cup for hot drinks – we recommend one that’s 20cm or less in height without a handle to fit under our coffee machines. You’re welcome to take your hot drink with you.

Where can I use my meal plan?

Park Eat

Availability – All students; 365 days per year. Pay on Entry Term time; One Meal Swipe is one meal in Vacation Periods.

Eat at the Square

Availability – All students; Monday to Friday, Term time Only excluding Bank Holidays. Pay on Entry

St Patrick’s Dining

Availability – All students; Term time including Bank Holidays. Pay on Entry


Availability – Wantage Residents Only; Monday to Friday, Term time Only. Pay on Entry.

The Dairy

Availability – All students; All Year [excluding Bank Holidays; Closure Days and Vacation Sundays]. A Meal Swipe can be exchanged for a Meal.

Meal plans for the academic year become available
for purchase on the first Monday in August

How much will it cost?

Our plans provide excellent value for the quality and variety of food offered. Cooking similar meals or purchasing them elsewhere would be significantly more costly. Check out our price breakdown for full details and costs.

How to Purchase?

During application, effortlessly add a meal plan to your hall room. For specific halls such as Windsor, Wantage, St. Patrick’s Halls, and Dunsden Crescent, meal plans are included; others can be purchased directly from us.