The climate stripes graphic on the Palmer Building on Whiteknights campus.

Giving Food More Thought

We are giving food more thought, we lead the way on food science, agriculture and climate change research, employing experts in the field to discover new ways to help our planet thrive.

Sustainable Food Policy and Framework

See what’s happening inside our bars and restaurants.

A photo of food at The Dairy

Purchasing Standards

Minimum Purchasing Standards Summary – This is not exhaustive but illustrates the overall approach to different product areas.


We are committed to being fully transparent in what we serve so are working towards fully disclosing all nutritional, ingredients and allergen information for every plated meals on our Reading Campuses

Annual Waste

See how we are doing with waste and restaurants- all our waste data for the last 3 years is here

Our Beef

All our beef comes from our own farms, including Langley where our cattle are working to restore habitat rich grasslands. To ensure minimal waste, we take the entire animal and use every part we are legally allowed to.

Logo for member of The Menus of Change

Menus of Change University Research Collaborative

We are proud members of MCURC, the university group dedicated to changing the way we serve and source our food.

Energy Usage

See our energy usage for all our restaurants from the last 3 years.

Show Your Stripes

The climate stripes were created by Professor Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading in 2018. They show clearly and vividly how global average temperatures have risen over nearly two centuries and the need to act.

Green Flag Award

The University of Reading Whiteknights Campus earns Green Flag award 10th year in a row.

Partnering for the Planet

Working together to tackle climate change, see the University’s dedicated site on what we’re doing.

Environmental Studies

Find out more about the research we do into environmental studies and climate change.

Food Science

Leading the way in food innovation and research.

National Fruit Collection

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is curated by the University on behalf of the UK Government and is a living genetic bank of global importance.

The International Cocoa Quarantine

Read about our cocoa quarantine centre at the University of Reading.

Agriculture, Food and Health

Read about our research into how the food we farm and eat effects our health.

An aerial photo of Henley Business School campus in Greenlands alongside the River Thames

Whats going on at Henley?

Environmental initiatives at the Greenlands Campus serving the Henley Business School.

A photo of a student with a reusable coffee cup

Disposable Cup Tax

Since our cup tax increased to 50p in September 2022, the percentage of hot drinks served in reusable cups has increased from 20% to 60%

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