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Deliver to you

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Our deliver to you menu is our standard drop and go delivery service across Reading campuses.

We have adapted our food and drink offerings so that we can give you and your guests the best possible catering experience suited to your event.


Deliver To You Menu

You will find a selection of food & drink items on our delivered menu, including individual picnic-style catering boxes and individually pre-packed snacks

How to Book

Internal staff paying by project codes can use our online booking services to order your catering.

For all other payment methods or if you are an external client, please contact our Venue Reading Hospitality team.

Book Online

This service allows you to manage your bookings by making new orders, editing and cancelling orders.

Please note we require 3 working days notice for new orders, amendments, or cancellations.

Allergen & Nutrition

We understand the serious risks concerning food allergies and the importance of nutrition for health and well-being. You can view all food items from our Deliver To You Menu on our online Allergen & Nutrition Portal.

Contact Us

For any hospitality queries just give us a call or drop us an email, our bookings team are on hand to help.

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