How do I check my Meal Plan balance?


Place your Campus Card on a Campus Card reader and wait for the till to read it. The first balance ‘Cashless’ doesn’t relate to your Eating Plan and is used for paying for food and drink/photocopying etc. The balance labelled Clever Cuisine is Free Cash if your Meal Plan includes it and this rolls until the end of term. The reader will show a second screen after around 5 seconds, labelled ‘Swipes’ and is your Meal Swipe balance. You’ll need to divide this number by 3 if on Platinum, 6 if on Gold or 5 if on Silver and round down, to get the number of swipes remaining. The number shown is for internal use only and doesn’t relate to any ‘real’ cash. If you need further help please visit the Concierge Desk at Park Eat.

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