Do other University’s offer Clever Cuisine?


No. Clever Cuisine is uniquely modelled on successful Eating Plans found outside of the UK that place an emphasis on the importance of quality, ethical, delicious and nutritious food to help you excel academically while offering a high degree of flexibility. We have invested in excess of £22 million during the last fifteen years into our outlets, people and technology, unlike most UK Universities, many of which still operate eat where you live halls catering or are moving towards cafe only operations. We believe that if by providing you with good food to avoid the ‘pasta and sauce’ student diet helps you succeed, then it is worth investing in. We are humbled that others try to ‘copy’ us but the original is best!


Our University is a ‘foodies’ University with our own farms producing a wide range of produce and with academic departments covering Food, Climate, Soil, Nutrition and Agriculture. Our food operations are fully owned and operated by the University. We are the only University to be a member of both TUCO (The University Caterers Organisation) and NACUFS (National Association of Colleges and Universities Food Services), the first member of NACUFS in the UK and among the first to commit and apply to the Menus of Change Research Collaborative, a leading joint academic-food operator initiative driving up food standards.


We don’t believe any other University has anything that is as broad and extensive as Clever Cuisine. We are committed to continual improvement, as we believe we are far from perfect, but we are determined to get as close to perfection as possible and this is reflected in the overall quality and growth of our operations. If you have any ideas for improvements, as always, please let us know.


Clever Cuisine, Giving Food More Thought and the plate device are registered trademarks of the University of Reading.

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