Can I cancel or downgrade my Clever Cuisine Meal Plan or get a refund?


Yes in a limited number of circumstances which include;
  • Within 14 days of purchase, if purchased separately from a Hall Room (so you paid in advance with a debit/credit card, online)
  • If your Accommodation Contract is ended/cancelled early (any notice period applying to Accommodation, applies to your Meal Plan). This generally means you can’t cancel one, without cancelling the other.
  • Exceptional Circumstances such as a serious injury or illness, at our sole discretion. You (the student) will need to book a time to speak to us in person to ensure we fully understand your case and make sure we haven’t missed anything. This is at the sole discretion of the University and isn’t a decision that can be appealed.
There are generally no other circumstances where the University considers downgrades, cancellations or refunds are made so we strongly advise you to come and talk to us if you are struggling to use your Meal Plan so we can assist sooner – we can usually help, if we know there’s an issue. The Meal Plan system is operated at cost by the University and our sole objective is to feed you. Not using a Meal Plan is not grounds for a refund or cancellation, so we strongly advise you to use your Meal Plan to fullest extent. If we do grant cancellation under exceptional circumstances, it is not back-dated, so again, please use your Meal Plan while you wait for a decision. Come and speak to use if you are struggling to use your Meal Plan and we will assist. If you are struggling to pay for a Meal Plan, or your financial circumstances have changed, please contact Student Credit Control and they will be able to assist with a payment plan. If you are going on placement please book at time to see us so we can provide a personalised plan for you.

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