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How do the drink packages work?

June 10, 2020

Eating Plans with Unlimited drinks package options, will have an e-voucher applied to the relevant Campus Card that will allow you to buy the relevant package(s) free of charge at any staffed till point. Eating Plans with a choice of packages cannot switch between packages until the next week begins. If you loose your bottle or cup you’ll need to wait until the next e-voucher is ready as we do not routinely link bottles and cups to individuals, so have no way of cancelling a package once applied to a bottle or cup. Unlimited Soft Drinks Package allows you to fill a compatible University reusable bottle at the Freestyle machines at Park Eat, Wantage, St. Patrick’s, Eat at the Square, Library and the Dairy. A fair use delay applies between drinks of around 15 minutes. Unlimited Hot Drinks Package and Seven Hot Drink Credits allows you to fill a compatible University reusable coffee cup at Frank the Barista coffee machines at Park Eat, Park House, Wantage, St. Patrick’s, Eat at the Square and the Dairy. The Unlimited package allows you to fill your cup as many times as you wish and the seven credits is for seven drinks only. Bottles and cups are available to purchase at any of our locations. Please note that we cannot offer alternatives in the event of equipment failure.

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