The easiest way to eat on campus…

Available to any full-time student at the University of Reading; Meal Plans provide peace of mind by ensuring you never have to worry about budgeting, shopping or cooking, allowing you to focus on University life. Meal Plans can be purchased by either yourself or on your behalf, for example, by a parent, guardian or supporter. All of our meal plans offer discounts, which are applied at the till.


Meal Plan weeks last from Saturday – Friday. Your catering credit is loaded onto your Campus Card in the early hours of Saturday morning ready for you to purchase breakfast. To encourage everyone to eat regularly, and to help us plan for demand, your catering credit for that week needs to be spent by midnight on Friday. Meal Plans run for 31 weeks made up of term time plus welcome week.



Our most complete Meal Plan covers around 18 to 21 meals per week depending on how you choose to spend it. The Chilli Meal Plan is included in the price of all Catered Hall Rooms and is automatically added to your campus card.


Our smaller Meal Plan is designed for those living in Self-Catered or private housing covering around seven dinner per week. Students generally eat lighter meals for breakfast and lunch that are cheaper so isn’t a third of the cost. It works in the same way as the Chilli Meal Plan so you are free to spend it as you wish on a mixture of breakfasts, lunches or dinners – this does depend on how you choose to spend your credit.

35% off meals at Park Eat, Wantage and St Patrick’s

15% off hot drinks & 5% off food & cold drinks at The Dairy, Eat at the Square, Park Bar, URS, Agriculture, SportsPark & Architecture

Special diets…

We can cater for the majority of special diets whether they are avoiding certain allergens or for religious, personal preference or medical reasons. We are currently catering for gluten-, dairy-, nut- and egg-free diets as well as halal and vegan. Please contact us before arriving and we’ll work with you to ensure we have food that matches your preferences –

Please note we are currently unable to cater for Kosher diets.


Any student on a complete year Meal Plan (Chilli or Lime) can collect a FREE Sustain It Bottle or Cup from Park Eat in the first two weeks of the Academic Year as well as receiving a free Takeaway box. Students buying a Autumn Meal Plan (Chilli or Lime) are eligible to collect a FREE Sustain Cup.

Once you have used your re-usable takeaway box, drop it back to us and we’ll give you a token for a clean one for next time and take care of the washing up.

Sustain It Bottles and Cups can be used to subscribe to our drinks packages – click here for more information.

As part of the University’s commitment to reduce wasting we have Campus Paper Cup Tax in place and charges on disposable items – use our bottles, cups and containers to avoid paying these charges. Find out more about Sustainable Food at the University here.