Using your Meal Plan

Your Meal Plan works on a set number of Meal Swipes per day or week – see here for more details. These can be exchanged for entry or a set Meal depending on the location. You can pay using your Meal Swipes using your Campus Card or from late 2023/early 2024, the GET App. You need to have completed University enrolment to use your Meal Plan, if you are arriving late or having issues enrolling, please see us in person at Park Eat Concierge for immediate assistance.

The University is investing into our IT systems through the Digital Dining project. This will result in new and improved functionality being rolled out in stages from September 2023 until Summer 2024, following three years of planning and will improve your experience with us, as new features become available. Our software partners were selected due to their experience and expertise in providing Campus Dining solutions to 800+ Universities world-wide. This page will be updated as new features become available.

Remember to bring a reusable cup for hot drinks with you – we suggest 20cm or less in height with no handle, to ensure it fits under our coffee machines. You may take a hot drink away with you.

Once you have your University Username and password remember to upload your photo so you can claim your free big bar of Tony’s Chocolonely.


Visit and login with your University username and password, to check your balance, transaction history and to upload your photo.

From early 2024, the GET App will be introduced allowing you to do everything Gold does plus allowing you to pay with the app with mobile ordering being added later in the Academic Year.

Menus, Allergen and Nutritional Information

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Deli Bar Rotation









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All our food items are labelled with a QR code linking to our Wellness Portal – You can view Allergens, Dietary Preferences, Ingredients and the Nutritional Value of each dish. We don’t currently publish live menus ahead of meal times due to limitations of existing systems, which we are replacing, expected to be early 2024.

This will change when we launch NetNutrition at Reading, that will allow you to view the live menus, filter by allergen, dietary preference quickly and easily. We currently expect this service to go live in early 2024. An example can be seen here

Need Help? Confused? Comments? Allergies? Unhappy?

No problem. Our teams at our various locations can generally help you instantly if there is a problem, an issue or you are unsure about something, please just ask. Our Concierge Team are also available to help with more complicated questions if location staff are unable to help or you would prefer to speak to them. We highly recommend you come and see us in person, as we can generally sort things out instantly and can get everything we need from you. Alternatively, you can contact us by email, this needs to be from your University Student Email once you start University. There can be a considerable wait for a reply during busy periods, as we prioritise helping people in person, so if you can, please visit us in person at Park Eat.

UK Privacy and Data Protection Laws protect your personal information so we are unable to speak to Parents, Guardians or Friends about your Meal Plan Account. Our lovely team at the Park Eat Concierge are super friendly and very experienced so do come and speak to them [see Bars & Dining Concierge for opening times]

Meal Swipes Locations

A Meal Swipe can be exchanged for either a defined meal (e.g. a Sandwich, Snack and Fruit or Lasagne & Salad) or entry to a buffet (Pay on Entry). We don’t offer takeaway as an option at our Pay on Entry locations, to encourage socialising with other students and build life-long friendships. Our pay on entry system allows you to grab a quick bite, eat and study or have a more sociable dinner. See below our venues that accept Meal Swipes.

A photo of Park Bar area

Park Eat

Availability – All students; 365 days per year. Pay on Entry Term time; One Meal Swipe is one meal in Vacation Periods.

Eat at The Square

Availability – All students; Monday to Friday, Term time Only excluding Bank Holidays. Pay on Entry.

St Pats Dining area 2022

St Patrick’s Dining

Availability – All students; Term time including Bank Holidays. Pay on Entry.

A photo of Wantage Hall at the University of Reading

Wantage Dining

Availability – Wantage Residents Only; Monday to Friday, Term time Only. Pay on Entry.

The Dairy

Availability – All students; All Year [excluding Bank Holidays; Closure Days and Vacation Sundays]. A Meal Swipe can be exchanged for a Meal.


The Series # for your Apple Watch can be found on the back of the Watch. Note: Series 0 Apple Watch is not eligible for this program. Instructions to verify and/or update your Apple Watch can be found at

You can use your Meal Swipes card on up to two devices (one iPhone and one Apple Watch) that are signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID.

Go to the App Store on your phone

  • Get the GET Mobile app
    • Select the Institution – The University of Reading
    • Login w/User ID & password
    • Create a PIN
    • Add to Wallet

Meal Swipes in an Apple/Google Wallet can be used even if the phone does not have network connectivity, as the Meal Swipes are stored on your device. If you are having problems using your Meal swipes to complete a transaction, report any issues to