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Our Eating Plans

The Silver entry level plan offers discounted meals at our largest sites and seven coffee or soft drink credits each week. You are free to spend your weekly credit as you wish in the designated outlets on food (non-food & alcohol are among the few exclusions). This plan is included with rooms at St. Patrick’s Hall.

Our Gold Plan, popular with 2nd and 3rd Year students, offers a larger range of outlets to choose from, including Library Cafe, while continuing to offer freedom to spend as you wish and covering around 8 meals per week. An unlimited coffee or soft drinks package is included.

The most popular option, used by around two-thirds of the Clever Cuisine students, is our Platinum Plan. This covers all of your meals each day, as well as providing two free drinks package (unlimited coffee and soft drinks each week) as well as the freedom to spend as you wish. This plan is included with rooms at Dunsden Crescent, Wantage and Windsor Halls.

All our plans can be used at Park Market, which is focussed on whole foods (think superfoods such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits and whole grains) so you can spend any unused credit on healthy and nutritious snacks, food and drinks.

In our latest survey, 90% of students using Clever Cuisine say it makes their Life Easier and 79% say it positively impacts their student experience. See how our plans compare below;

Compare Plans 2021/22

Clever Cuisine SilverClever Cuisine GoldClever Cuisine Platinum
How much credit do I get per week?£40.53£44.87£73.29
How many meals can this cover?5-76-818-21
Included in your rent at Wantage, Dunsden Crescent and Windsor Halls
Included in your rent at St. Patrick’s
Can be purchased by students in self-catered
rooms or private housing
Included Weekly Drinks Plan*Seven Coffee or Cold drink credits (Weekly Saving £9))Choice of Unlimited Coffee OR soft drinks package (Weekly Saving up to £15)Unlimited soft drinks package and Coffee package on a weekly basis (Weekly Saving £28.50)
Exclusive discounts of up to 50% off meals at Park Eat, Wantage or St. Patrick’s
Priority benefits such as queue jumping and free entry to events
15% off hot drinks at cafes & 5% off other ready to eat food

*Drinks Plans require a compatible RFID enabled University branded bottle or cup and activating at a till each week. At time of writing a coffee cup starts at £3.50 and soft drinks bottle from £9.95 inc. VAT.

We are currently working on improving our Eating Plans so the structure of Eating Plans may change. Costs of Platinum and Silver are fixed for 2021/22. 

Gold is subject to change up to the point is made available for sale.

Annual, Termly and Weekly Costs

Illustrative costs for Eating Plans are as below for 2021/22. Catered Hall Rooms are automatically opted into the designated plan for the particular room type/hall and this billed as part of the Hall Fees – no further action is required. Please only purchase Eating Plans directly from us if you are living in Self-Catered Accommodation or a private house. Eating Plans go on sale from 1st August each year.

Plan Costs 2021/22

Clever Cuisine SilverClever Cuisine GoldClever Cuisine Platinum
Price per week£40.53£44.87£73.29
Autumn Term (12 weeks)£486.36£538.44£879.48
Spring Term (10 weeks)£445.83£448.70£732.90
Summer Term (8 weeks)£324.24£358.96£586.32
Total Price (31 weeks)£1,256.43£1,390.97£2,271.99

Term and Annual costs are illustrative and may vary according to your circumstances, for example, early arrivals. We charge based on the weekly cost. Eating Plans are charged to your University bill, that you or a parent/guardian/sponsor can pay via guest payments.

Plan Benefits

Your Clever Cuisine Plan offers you a great range of advantages such as not having to use shared kitchens and nutritious meals to keep you healthy! We have a very different approach to food to most Universities, carefully crafting food each day from scratch avoiding highly processed and fried foods. Find out more about our commitment to Menus of Change and how we are using our Academic expertise to improve.

A few examples of using Clever Cuisine are below;

Clever Cuisine Silver
Clever Cuisine Gold
Clever Cuisine Platinum
Food from our own Farms – we are both Farmers and Chefs
You are our VIP, with always the best prices, with up to 50% off food
Click and Collect & Delivery options
Inclusive Drinks
Save time and effort by letting us prepare, cook and tidy up
Serving 8am to Midnight daily
Free Isolation and Quarantine Support
Sustainable Food Sourcing
Freshly prepared meals made from scratch avoiding processed foods
Free birthday pizza
Parents eat for free (meals only, of equal value or less,
fair use applies Park/Wantage/St. Patrick’s only)

Find Out More About Accommodation

Clever Cuisine is available to any University Student regardless of where you live. Catered Hall Rooms included a specific Eating Plan and are a great value. Alternatively, opt for Self-Catered and select any Eating Plan.


Our Clever Cuisine team are available to help, contact us below.