Catering Services are 100% owned by the University of Reading and love any opportunities to collaborate with students and colleagues across the University on learning, teaching, dissertations, research or projects outside of the work linked back to food and drink that are interesting and exciting with strong links into our operations.

Our preference and priority is anything that enhances the experience of our guests and the University. Any work should be ethical, food safe, time ‘light’ on our teams and not adversely affect our financial performance. We are particularly keen on anything to do with the food and drink, sustainability, consumer behaviour, edible plants, business, automation, agriculture (farm to fork) and anything that is linked to these topics. Whilst we love cinema, we can’t accommodate any requests to use bars, cafes or restaurants free-of-charge while they are closed due to time constraints on our own teams however do have some areas that can be used while they are open.

Previous projects include;

  • Consumer behaviour around soft drinks
  • Automation with Catering Operations
  • Sustainability of Catering
  • Nutrition Analysis of menus and menu engineering

If you would like to find out more please contact Matt Tebbit